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About Dr. Buckner

With over a decade of professional experience, Dr. Cory Buckner’s methodology for transformational growth is grounded in theory, but centered from the soul. Both his professional and personal background have prepared him to tap into his gift of inspiring, empowering, and coaching souls from the inside out. He is driven by the conviction that we are not placed on this earth to find ourselves, but to remember whom we were born to be.

As a researcher, Dr. Buckner focuses on transformation through transparency/whether through value clarification, self-inventory/evaluation, uncovering unconscious beliefs, or developing healthy habits. His

passion is found at the intersection of the latest studies from the fields of human psychology, spiritual psychology, motivation, and mindset development. 

As an educator, Dr. Buckner currently holds a position at the University of Southern California as an assistant professor of clinical education in the Rossier School of Education where he applies his "Championship Mindset” methodology to empower and inspire his students to become equity-minded agents of change.


Dr. Cory Buckner is a personal development coach, life mentor, speaker, and writer. He received his doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Southern Californa Rossier School of Education. Based in Los Angeles, Californa, he works with individuals and groups across the globe.

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Lloyd Lowe


“The whole idea of a coach used to make squeamish, but when I asked the universe for help in feeling passionate about my life, it brought me, Cory. Cory has been patient, subtle, and calm with me.  When I started to notice changes in myself and looked back over what seemed like hanging out, only to realize we’d been working the whole time.

It’s been wonderful. I'm proud to call him my mentor and friend.


Marlowe Blue


Cory is one of the most genuinely kind-hearted people I’ve ever known. He is a truly good soul. The impact he’s had not only in my life, but also in the life of those I love, both directly and through the changes I’ve made, is absolutely transformative. In addition to a coach, he’s become a good friend whom I greatly respect.


Deepika Verma


From the minute I met Cory, I knew we would have a great connection, a positive two-way relationship where we motivated and inspired each other. I recognized he would always be in my corner, encouraging me to be the best individual and strive for my goals. Cory possesses this powerful combination of intellect, emotional intelligence, and relatability which enable him to be an amazing coach, mentor, and most importantly friend.





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